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How We Position Your Home

Generally, a Realtor® will approach a listing with a “sell at all costs” philosophy in which “price is king.”As the saying goes, in any market, the lower the price, the more saleable the commodity. But, we have found that this approach does not always yield maximum value or results for the home seller.

At The Brett Dickinson Team, our goal is to assist sellers in achieving their goals, whether they are financial-, time-, career- or family-related. Our belief is that it takes more than just setting a price and then dropping it every month in order to position a home for sale. Positioning a home takes a thorough understanding of the market, intelligent creativity, an understanding of the prospective buyers’ perceptions and an ability to adapt to those ever-shifting market forces.

  • 1. Price Positioning

To best position a seller’s home, we first review the comparable sales and active competitive listings. This research will help us determine the pricing strategies for positioning the property.

We look at the following elements (and more) of the home and market in a relative manner:

  • Average price per square foot of homes sold in the area
  • Location
  • Finishes and desirables
  • View (if applicable)
  • Lot size

We weight the above elements and then consider whether value range pricing (otherwise known as value range marketing – VRM) can be used as a tool to capture an even wider audience of prospective buyers. Once we determine the final price or range, which we know is the primary factor for Internet Search Engines, we take the next step in creating even stronger positioning in the minds of prospective buyers.

  • 2. Market Positioning

At The Brett Dickinson Team, we realize that positioning a home is about more than just price. Oftentimes, after we assess a seller’s property, location and comparables, and determine a price or value range, we develop an entirely new market strategy to re-position a neighborhood to create a more attractive potential purchase in the minds of prospective buyers. By using our most creative market positioning for every property we help to sell, we are able to change the psychology and perception. This philosophy has resulted in numerous successes on behalf of our sellers and record sales.