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Selling Process

  • Evaluate Selling
    Your Home

    When considering the sale of your home, we believe that it makes sense to not only discuss the “why” of the sale but also to discuss the “when” and the “how.”The real estate professionals at The Brett Dickinson Team always suggest that our clients and prospective clients do the following when trying to figure out whether to sell or not:

    1) Define personal goals

    Here is where you, the potential seller, details and reviews a list of financial and individual or family goals and how the sale of the property is associated or not. Oftentimes, just the process of listing and categorizing your requirements and wants help you arrive at a different conclusion.

    2) Develop timelines

    Calendar constraints will have an effect on the timing of the sale of your home. Do you need to move from the area for a job starting in six months? Perhaps, you will be traveling out of the country in the summer and may require a renter before or during the sales process? Is there a financial debt obligation in the near term? All of these issues (and more) play into the timing of the sale.

    3) Research a basic valuation of your home

    It never hurts to do a bit of online research to find out, in general terms, what the value may be for your home. There are multitudes of public websites that can provide some data. Of course, your real estate agent will help better define that value with extensive research into comparables.

  • Find the Right
    Real Estate Agent

    Some of the best ways to find a real estate professional – just ask your friends, colleagues, and family. Check out your local paper – which Realtor®seems to know your market. In addition, we believe you may want to interview at least 3 Realtors®- after all, you will be working with this person, or team, for a good while.Here are some questions you should ask the candidates, at a minimum:

    1) What is your experience in selling a home like mine?

    2) Will you be showing my home, marketing my home and negotiating the deal? Or, will one of your associates be doing those activities?

    3) How many properties are you working on right now? Listings?

    4) What will it cost me to sell my property?

    5) Can you provide me with 3 references?

    6) What would be your plan to sell my home?

    In addition, when you sign the listing agreement with your Realtor®, make sure you consider the duration of the listing, commissions, and marketing costs.

  • Execute Marketing
    and Sales Strategy

    During the interview process, your new Realtor® presented a marketing and sales strategy or plan for the sale of your home. Upon closer inspection of your home, your new Realtor® will make several adjustments to the plan as well as a host of recommendations.For The Brett Dickinson Team, the first step is to prepare the property. Eliminate all distractions and clutter and make sure the full space of your home and property can be viewed. This is a collaborative step with you and your Realtor® who will discuss with you repairs, cleaning and ideas to best present your home to prospective buyers.

    He or she will need to bring in a photographer so that great images of your home can be submitted into the MLS and used for any advertising materials. Minor flaws, obvious broken items, and a messy indoors and lawn will need to be fixed.

    Your Realtor® will begin to advertise your home, pitch it to his/her network of other real estate professionals, create a virtual tour (video), host open houses, and create online and print promotions of your home sale with the goal of generating offers.

    Once showings commence, it is important to maintain a clean home and property and to be patient. Our Brett Dickinson Team professionals wish we could snap our fingers and find you the best buyer at the best price at the best time. And, oftentimes, this happens. But in the meantime, it is best to stay patient, yet engaged.

  • Open Escrow

    Congratulations! Opening escrow is such an exciting time. It means that the buyer will make an initial deposit within 3 business days from the day of acceptance. Once the deposit is made, the clock begins on the remainder of your home’s sale process. Learning about The Escrow Process is next.
  • Negotiate Price
    and Terms/Accept

    Once you have decided to enter into an offer/counter situation, your Realtor® will begin to negotiate on your behalf (with your input) the terms of the offer, including price, initial deposit, length of escrow, inspections, closing costs and more. Once all terms are negotiated, you will then accept the offer.
  • Evaluate Offer(s)

    Good job! All of the hard work is paying off. Your Realtor® has received an offer or two (or three) for your home. He/she will review it very carefully and present to you all of the offers, whether they are low or medium or high. Then you will both work together to determine if the offers warrant counteroffers.